Monday, February 26, 2007

The Beginning of the Campaign


Teresa Encarnação said...

Congrats for your brand new blog! Can't wait to read the many posts you'll write and see photos! Surely you'll have even more fans from now on! BACI MILLE! T(onic)

Amit said...

Who would have believed, crazy right wing, conservative Rupert Merdoch? Well hope nobody told him about it.....

And Greg, you write very eloquently. You have a real neck for it.

Amit Cohen
Haifa, Israel.

Anonymous said...


I love it. So well written! Amazing. I think the owrk your doing is totally needed in the Eastern Europe. Well said.

That outta the way...Where are all the cuties you're meeting---I want pix???? Where is Cleopatrick!?!?!?!?