Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Few More Articles

There were a few more articles about us today and lucky they're much more fair and accurate. Gazeta Wyborcza published a small article in their Warsaw section entitled "Akcja przeciw homofobii" (Action Against Homophobia) with this picture.

Also, the right-leaning Rzeczpospolita newspaper also had a tiny article "Nienawiść boli, czyli gej na miejskim billboardzie" (Hate hurts, meaning a gay on a city billboard)...which admittedly sounds weird in English :-). They are pretty objective and report the issue well in this other than they got the female model's name wrong and they claim that I'm still an English teacher. However they did a good job in not making a sensation out of the "Kill the Fag" game or anything else.

TV Options:

Unfortunately we haven't gotten much airtime about the issue. TVN had invited Biedron to be a guest on a popular primetime debate show, Teraz My. He was already booked to be on a local show in the Polish mountains and told them he would offer them a replacement for him. But they wanted no one else other than him (probably knowing that he'll create a good show in terms of battling it out with the opponent, and also because the hosts are a tad sexist and are not as keen on having women guests). They evidently wanted him SO badly that they even offered to rent a HELICOPTER to fly him back to Warsaw! In the end it was too expensive for them and they couldn't arrange it but you gotta give them credit.

Otherwise, on Wed. and Thur. nights this week I'll be on a show called Homofonia, obviously about homo issues. It airs at 11.30pm both nights and can be viewed either online at:

Or for those with Polish tv: Cyfra Plus (kanal 64),Cyfrowy Polsat (kanal 73), Telewizje kablowe:AsterUPCSatelita: Eutelsat HOT BIRD 1

Our Following in the Right:

One last note for today. It seems like the Right is watching out step. As you might remember, there was a Global Village last Saturday at which I was representing my work organization OSCE handing out materials on anti-semitism, xenophobia and hate speech. During the event there was a very handsome young man taking photos the whole time. We all thought he was pretty hot and "friendly". Until today we happened upon the website, a ultra right-wing website with a photoreport of the event. And there we find out that our young friend, Jakub Szymczuk, is actually part of the ultra-conservative League of Polish Families (LPR) and was doing a photoreport on the event. here is the picture he took of me. In it I'm standing out our table with OSCE materials with a sign that says "Everything is for free". His caption to the photo says "Materials which promote unhealthy morals could be taken for free- financed by the European Union, of course." I found that a touch funny considering what the books were about (in fact none of them really mentioned lgbt issues, which I suppose he was referring to) and that he didn't seem to understand the difference between the EU and OSCE. We found his blog and I sent him an email asking him about these things. We'll see if he replies. In the meantime (although I don't encourage his blog to become more popular) I would like others to look at his work and judge if I'm the only one who detects...oooh, a little homoeroticism in it?!?!

(One of the captions to his male model photos is something like "I had to do this for class. It's not my "thing", but the photographic effects are satisfying".) Yes, Jakub, indeed they are.


Carlos Costa said...

Boa campanha. Espero que obtenha bons resultados :-)

Greg Czarnecki said...

Hey Carlos,
thanks for the message. With the help of my portugese friend I was able to figure out what was written :-) I'm thrilled to know that our message is being spread worldwide. Thanks for the support and we'll keep you updated on the results.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the headsup about your TV appearance, i'll have friends over and we'll pop up some jiffypop and critique your performance and rate your outfit...just joshin' (we'll limit our petty judgements to the wittiness of your comments, oh and maybe your shoes).
so remind me why you are so mister fearless these days?
it must have been tough to call natalia's mom and drop the bomb, but good job.
maybe you'll come across that uber-right photographista in a gay chat room and make some lovely visual images together??? clickity click.

good luck on being media fodder - so far you look like you're holding up like a champ!

love you (i saw you skyped me yesterday but hours had gone by before i saw it) -- toodles until show time,

Anonymous said...

hi baby daddy, i am so proud of you i'm just bursting! i will be in class during your tv appearance but u better represent! i want u looking so fresh and so clean!!
u are a media princess and keep the info coming! love u always!

Katherine Fobear said...

Greetings from Michigan!
This is Blanch (Katie) and I just want to say how proud and excited I am for you and what you and your compatriots are doing . I passed along the info you have been sending in the emails and your blog to several of the professors here at U of M and they are all really interested in what is going on too. I am spreading the word for you in the midwest because more eyes need to be focused on it. This is an issue that concerns the entire world. Let me just just that you kick ass.

Anonymous said...

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Daniel said...

Hi, I just wanted to make a comment on this disgusting photoreporter representing "the right" in Poland - Jakub Szymczuk. There was a happening in front of the Presidential Palace in Warsaw and young people made a cross out of beer cans as a protest agaist CRAZY Polish politician Jaroslaw Kaczynski, a provocateur, who went there with flowers kneeling and praying every few days to support "the defenders of the cross". Anyway, this KGB guy photographer Szymczuk took a lot of pictures of young people from this happening, did research about them on facebook and reported all of them to the Prosecutor. He behaved like a police informer. When I put my comment on his blog" protesting his KGB behavior, he removed it the next day and blocked my IP address from this site. Those of you who speak Polish if they go on" and type in "search" his name Jakub Szymczuk, they can read the story about it and a lot of very negative comments about this photographer. I think he is a closet case - I studied his pictures, pictures of himself, his actions - and I am positive he is closeted gay, like his idol Jaroslaw Kaczynski from PiS party. He wants on his blog only comments praising his art. Funny.