Wednesday, March 21, 2007

International Support

BBC World Well I guess I had higher expectations for BBC World. But I was invited to speak in their program "Have Your Say". It turns out to be a show which was broadcast from Ohio yesterday in a "town meeting" style. They had 100 people together to talk about impeaching Bush for the first half hour. Then the 2nd half was to be on "freedom of speech for students". They unfortunately mixed together too many issues, as they wanted to speak about an Alaskan student who wants to be able to express "Bong hits for Jesus", veils for Muslim school girls in the UK, and firing teachers for homosexual propaganda. Not exaclty a tight discussion can come from this. So I had my say but naturally the audience didn't know (or care) to comment on this issue. Regardless, if you want to find this, follow the link . On the right had side is a link "Listen Again", listen to Tue. (or go to the archieves lower on the page and go to March 20). My comments are around 30 mins into the show. The international community is paying proper attention to this issue, luckily. Some links:

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ehh szkoda z eto nie w Polsce....Uniteted Kingdom to nie IV RP....:/